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I love road trips. Just saying or writing the words sends shivers of excitement down my spine. If you think I’m crazy, it’s probably because you grew up in a country where road trips are taken for granted, and the number of places you can drive to and go to are endless. To me, road trips are fun and exciting no matter why I have to take them. Regardless of how you feel about them, it’s always good to prepare before you embark on one. More »


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x-post by Jered Higgins is a well-designed, good-looking weather site that puts all of the most relevant and useful information you need right in front of you, no clicking, no wading through ads or scrolling through pages of lengthy forecast notes. Just you, your location (automatically detected,) the current conditions, the forecast for the next day or so, and an animated globe to show you weather you need an umbrella. More »


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